"But I have my life, I’m living it. It’s twisted, exhausting, uncertain, and full of guilt, but nonetheless, there’s something there." - Banana Yoshimoto, The Lake (via sad-plath)
"Why are we embarrassed by silence? What comfort do we find in all the noise?" - Mitch Albom, Tuesdays with Morrie (via feellng)
"Please don’t expect me to always be good and kind and loving. There are times when I will be cold and thoughtless and hard to understand." - Sylvia Plath. (via moriarty)
"I don’t believe in failure, because simply by saying you’ve failed, you’ve admitted you attempted. And anyone who attempts is not a failure. Those who truly fail in my eyes are the ones who never try at all. The ones who sit on the couch and whine and moan and wait for the world to change for them." - Sarah Dessen, Keeping the Moon (via wordsnquotes)

Brilliant Nakano (by Yakinik)


do you ever read old conversations you had with someone and realize how much more they used to be interested you and it makes you feel like complete shit because everything is different now and you can tell you’ve just lost that shine that got their attention in the first place


Tokyo Tower (by M a ri)

FH010025a (by jOGaiNVaSiOn)

SAKURA by mika